Paintings by Gordon Ward

The whereabouts of many Gordon's paintings are unknown, in later years many were given away. The four paintings shown here plus a litho print of the Great Stone seem to be the only ones left in the family. These four have been professionally photographed and digitised. Prints are available at the original sizes (or smaller if required) - Giclee printed (see Wikipedia, Giclee) on quality watercolour paper they are almost indistinguishable from the originals. If you are interested in obtaining a print, please email: Geoff Ward

Beeches in the Park, watercolour, 305 x 485 mm, painted in 1950.
This is a scene from Swanshurst Park in Birmingham, looking through the avenue of Beech trees towards the boat house.
The photo: Geograph, Swanshurst Park shows a view through these trees down to the pond - the artist would have stood at the left of the photo, looking across to the right.
For decades this painting was hung above the piano at Beauchamp Road.

Daybreak, poster colour, 255 x 205 mm, date unknown
This seems to be an homage to Anna Zinkeisen, (see Wikipedia, Anna Zinkeisen, and Merry Go Round, by Anna Katrina Zinkeisen)
For decades this painting was hung in the living room at Beauchamp Road.

The Tudor Cinema, watercolour, 440 x 290 mm, painted in 1952.
This Cinema was located at the corner of Hollybank Rd and Haunch Lane, Birmingham (see Streetmap, B13 0PR).
Sadly it was demolished in the 1970s and replaced by a small housing estate. The original painting bears the inscription:
"Once upon a time there were 72 Cinemas in Birmingham".

The Last Bus, poster colour, 380 x 280 mm, date unknown.
Dad conjured this out of his metal trunk one day. We love it.
Does anyone know where this is?
The bus is by Crossley, similar to the one in this photo: Flickr: photo of a Crossley in Birmingham
Crossley has a historical section on their web-site, see Crossley DD42 bus.